Alfusin 10mg Tablet is used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), found in men with an enlarged prostate

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Alfusin 10mg tablets are used by men to relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign prostatic hyperplasia), such as painful urination, difficulty urinating, and frequent or frequent urges to urinate. Buy Alfusin 10mg from buyfirstmeds and get 20% discount on all medicines.

What is ALFUSIN 10MG?

Alfusin 10mg tablets are used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia. It acts as an alpha blocker, blocking receptors in the urethra and relaxing smooth muscles in that area. This contributes to a better outflow of urine and correction of the symptoms of prostate adenoma.

Do not use Alfusin 10mg tablets if you are taking macrolide antibiotics such as erythromycin, alpha blockers such as prazosin, or antifungal drugs such as ketoconazole. Talk to your doctor if you are taking medications for high blood pressure or if you have had heart problems in the past.

What is the use of ALFUSIN 10MG?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Enlarged prostate can cause urinary problems such as difficulty urinating and the need to go to the bathroom frequently or urgently. It can also slow down the flow of urine. If left untreated, urine flow may be completely blocked.

Alfusin 10 mg tablets relax the muscles of the bladder and prostate. Therefore, it can quickly relieve symptoms and facilitate urination. However, it can take up to 6 months to realize all the benefits. Take this medicine as prescribed for maximum benefit.

How does ALFUSIN 10MG work?

Alfusin 10mg tablet is not a specific alpha (1) adrenergic blocker subtype that selectively displays alpha (1) -adrenergic receptors in the lower urinary tract. The obstacle created by adrenergic receptors causes relaxation of smooth muscles in the region of the bladder neck and prostate.

How to take ALFUSIN 10MG Tablet?

  • Swallow the tablets with a glass of water. Do not chew, crush, or break
  • You should take this medicine for as long as you are prescribed.
  • Take tablet with or without per your doctor’s prescription.

What are the Dosage Instructions?

Missed dose

If you miss a dose of Alfusin 10mg tablet, take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip it and take the next one. Do not double the dose to make up for it.


Seek emergency medical attention or contact your doctor in case of overdose.


All drugs interact differently from person to person.

Interaction with medicine

  • Erythromycin
  • Amiodarone
  • Clarithromycin
  • Mixed grass pollen allergen extract

Interactions with the disease

Liver disease

This medicine should be used with extreme caution in patients with a history of liver disease due to the increased risk of the patient’s condition worsening.

Interaction with alcohol

The interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult a doctor before use.

What are the Side Effects of Alfusin 10mg?

Major and minor side effects for Alfusin 10mg tablet

  • Hypersensitivity
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Rhinorrhea
  • Infection
  • Stomach ache
  • Constipation

Warnings and Precautions

Warnings for Women

Pregnancy: pregnant women cannot use this medicine

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding women cannot take this medicine

General warning

Orthostatic hypotension

Care should be taken when using this drug as it increases the risk of orthostatic hypotension. It is recommended that you slowly rise from a sitting or lying position to prevent fainting and falls due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Talk to your doctor right away for symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. Appropriate dose adjustment may be required depending on the clinical condition.

Severe renal failure

This drug should be used with extreme caution in patients with severe renal dysfunction (CrCl <30 ml / min) as it increases the risk of serious side effects. Appropriate dose adjustment should be made according to the clinical condition of the patient.


This drug is not indicated for children.


This drug rarely causes a very painful erection that may not go away (priapism). In this case, see a doctor immediately. If left untreated, priapism can lead to impotence.


Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children. Do not use the medicine after the expiry date.

Most FAQs

Do I need to take Alfusin 10 mg tablets until my condition improves?

Answer: In most cases, the average time it takes for this drug to be most effective is one day to one week. Talk to your doctor about the duration of this medicine.

How often should I take Alfusin 10 mg tablets?

Answer: This medicine is usually taken 1-2 times a day. It is advisable to consult a doctor before use as the frequency also depends on the patient’s condition.

Should I use Alfusin 10 mg tablets on an empty stomach before or after a meal?

Answer: It is recommended to take it orally. The salt in this medicine reacts correctly when taken after a meal. Taken on an empty stomach can cause upset stomach. Please consult your doctor before use.

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